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Floating Beach Wheelchairs Australia in partnership with AccessRec, LLC from the USA provides the WaterWheels™ floating wheelchair and affordable Beach Access Surfaces which are all designed to safely improve access to recreational areas. Our mission is to provide the most affordable and fit for purpose recreational access capability for all users. This is achieved by cooperating with individuals of all abilities, not for profit organisations, hotels and resorts, beach communities; and Local, State and Federal Governments to improve accessibility to water-based areas. From our floating wheelchair to our ADA beach access mats, we offer a range of products designed to safely improve your access to recreational areas.

Beach Mobility Solutions

See WaterWheels™ our floating wheelchair and our range of beach access mats.

floating beach wheel chairs

Beach Access Wheelchair

Floating Beach Wheelchairs Australia provides WaterWheels™ the floating wheelchair that allows the user to be partially submerged in water.

Beach Access Mats

We manufacture and supply different ground access mats to meet all your needs at the best price!

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